Monday, November 14, 2011

children in feudal

children in feudalism
  Once there was a boy named Susej and a girl named Nevaeh who were best friends.They both lived really close to eachother in their manors.The way their life was really affected how much they got to talk.when they saw eachother again Susej told nevaeh how much he wanted to be a page when he turns 9.Nevaeh told him that it will happen if he just keep following the rules of chivarly.

 Susej told her that he wanted to learn the rules better.when he finally became a page they started seeing eachother less often.When they saw eachother they didnt get to talk about much for a very long time because he would have to do stuff because he was a page.

 When Susej became a sqiure he was not seen by Nevaeh a lot they didn’t talk as best friends anymore they just said hi to each other.Susej had to often go to dress knights for their wars so Nevaeh was really sad because she thought he might get hurt because he was getting closer to being a knight.When Susej and Nevaeh finally talked again she told him how he needed to be careful.He listened real close.
  susej was able to learn the code of chivarly better.He had to help the knights get ready for the wars by dressing him.If the sqiure did this it will prepare him more for the day when he will become a knight.The more wars they had the more susej had to dress the knights.Susej was not able to dress his dad often because they had alot of other sqiures.

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